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The shortest path to new customers

This free platform, an initiative by Recupel, provides fast access to the dormant and re-usable electro-appliances of businesses and organisations.

Earth needs its raw materials back


Smartloop brings you into contact with businesses who want to discard their e-waste

Smartloop is Recupel’s online platform offering recognised e-waste haulers a simple way of getting in touch with businesses and organisations looking to offer their old e-appliances for re-use or discard their e-waste.

The principle is simple: they post pictures or a description of their e-appliances on Smartloop. All registered e-waste haulers and re-use centers can enter an offer. The seller selects the best deal and the hauler they wish to work with. Use the chat function to agree on a pick-up date and location.

Recupel is not involved in the offers or practical arrangements and only manages the Smartloop platform.

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Earth needs its raw materials back

What electro-appliances are eligible?

Companies and organisations are a massive source of dormant electrical and electronic devices: ICT material, tools, kitchen appliances, freezers, refrigerators, airco systems, ... A picture or description of the appliances is posted on Smartloop, with an indication of whether or not the material is suited for re-use. This tells the hauler exactly what he’s dealing with so he can enter a targeted offer.

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The shortest path to new assignments

Smartloop gives you access to dormant electronic devices. The platform puts you in touch with potential new customers as a new source of old e-appliances. You can set your own price and determine whether or not you are interested in a specific assignment. This means you have no obligation of entering a quote for every assignment.